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  • Russ Gaffney

    At the end of the day you should be relaxing and enjoying a glass of your latest vintage... not counting money, paying bills, analyzing inventory, running Windows updates or fixing broken links on your website.

    While I have a Masters Degree in Music my employment background encompasses over 25 years experience in manufacturing and distribution. I have expertise with all the aspects of running a business including accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, inventory management, sales, marketing, cost analysis, network administration and web design.

    In addition to "the basics" of AP & AR my expertise in business can help you spot places where you may be losing money and find opportunities where you can be more profitable. No more guessing in the middle of the month how the current sales promotion is doing. If you are are not already tracking inventory Quick Books Online has winery specific plugins to help you track both barreled and bottled product.

    I am also here to assist you with your computer, network and website needs. A computer that is not running at peak performance will not only hinder your ability to make money but also to make great wine. I can login remotely and run simple diagnostics on your computers to help ensure they are running at their peak performance. I'm also here to assist with your website needs from broken links to outdated information. I've been designing websites for small businesses (including this one) for over 20 years and have expertise in various platforms including Wix, Square Space & WordPress. My mission is to help you squeeze the most out of each grape.

    When not working I enjoy playing my Trumpet and flying my "very" realistic Cessna 172 Flight Simulator. Of course there's often a glass of wine nearby.


  • Lou Anne Gaffney

    True confession: I LOVE wine! I am an “equal opportunity” drinker – I like dry, sweet, red, white, sparkling. Another confession: I love to learn. Uncovering facts about all the different varieties within the vinifera and muscadine families is almost as much fun as drinking said varieties! Hence, the notion of working in the industry in some fashion was born.

    I hold certification in wine marketing from the North Carolina Center for Viticulture and Enology. I am a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, with winery specialization. I am currently working to become a HootSuite Social Media Marketing Specialist.  I utilize strategies that make PROFIT the FIRST thing your business creates (after wine, of course).

    I am a former teacher, and teaching is still in my blood! I love learning and then sharing that knowledge. I am skilled at breaking down complex information into manageable chunks that are easier to process and learn. The years I spent as a teacher developed a fine-tuned aptitude for working under pressure in a fast-paced and deadline driven environment, as well as strong problem solving skills. I can give full attention to what you need, identify complex problems and review the related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions, assess performance and monitor progress, and provide effective coaching and training through a variety of instructional methods appropriate for the particular situation.

    When not thinking about wine, learning about wine, or drinking wine… I enjoy cooking, hiking, and travelling. I am also addicted to Sudoku puzzles and Words with Friends!