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  • Bookkeeping

  • We are much more than number crunchers - we take a proactive approach to your finances by following the principles of Profit First, a fabulous method that allowed our personal business to be profitable from Day 1. We utilize strategies that allow your winery to become profitable if it isn't, or even more profitable if you are already in the black.  We take our advisory role very seriously and help you identify areas for growth, anticipate future financial needs and 'cork' those holes where you may be losing money.  Like any quality bookkepper, Balanced Vintage frees you from the drudgery of collecting and inputting income and expenses.  An added bonus of delegating this daily chore is that you are free to do more of what you love - whether it be creating a new blend or having a few extra hours to relax!

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  • WE WILL PROVIDE A FREE CUSTOM QUOTE THAT INCLUDES EXACTLY THE SERVICES YOU NEED.  We can alter our services to match your desired level of involvement, whether you want a little support along the way or to have someone else handle all your bookkeeping.

     Popular choices include:

    • basic bookkeeping
    • monthly financial statements
    • monthly checks for fraudulent activity
    • accounts payable
    • accounts receivable
    • sales and use tax reporting
    • excise tax reporting
    • payroll

               …..and many more