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  • Build it and they will come - The catch phrase from the 1989 film Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner.

    Social media is currently one of the most effective means to maximize the profitability of your business, yet the lack of effective marketing is one of the most critical factors facing wineries today. Make it and they will come is not an effective marketing tool in the wine industry. An attractive website and weekly newsletter are great tools for keeping current customers engaged in your product but consistent, proactive digital marketing is vital to keep your business not only thriving but also growing. While often associated with being expensive it doesn't have to be, especially in our social media driven age. We understand how to leverage video, photo, and text to create engaging content, then utilize relevant and effective hashtags.

    Balanced Vintage can not only help keep your current customers coming back for more but also help generate and expand your customer base and generate new business by...

    • Crafting inexpensive yet effective advertising
    • Utilizing a variety of social media platforms to drive website traffic and build customer loyalty
    • Promoting tasting events at other venues
    • Creating events both on and off-site that appeal to a variety of market segments
    • Quantifying results to identify the best places to spend your marketing dollar

     ....and so much more!

    We can guide you if you prefer to be more "hands on," or we can free you from the hassle of content creation for daily/weekly social media updates, newsletters, and/or  blogging.

    Free Consultation

  • We provide customized packages that are individualized for YOUR specific situation.  Whether you want a little support along the way or to have someone else handle all your marketing needs, we can provide the service you are looking for.  

     Popular choices include:

    • Monthly Google Analytic reports
    • Monthly social media analytics
    • Review monitoring
    • SEO Optimization
    • Specials/Promotional Ideas

    …..and many more