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Bookkeeping - Financial Coaching

Providing busy entrepreneurs and business owners peace of mind regarding cash flow in their business or personal lives.


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Congratulations - business is booming! Unfortunately, that means busy-ness is also booming. You understand how important accurate financial records are to your business’ success, but there are so many things competing for your attention that you feel overwhelmed, unorganized, and a little bit out of control.

You want to do it all for your business, and maybe that used to work. But now, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. There comes a point when the value of opportunities you are potentially losing exceeds your need or desire to do everything on your own.




Accurate and timely bookkeeping empowers you to know the exact financial health of your business. I am more than a bookkeeper, though. I am a bookkeeping professional, which means that I work WITH you rather than FOR you. Together, you and I work towards what is important to you  - whether that be freedom from the drudge work of keeping the books up-to-date, understanding what the financial statements reveal about the health of your business, or having peace of mind that you are in compliance with all local, state, and federal tax laws.  

My mission is to help you grow your business through clear communication so that you always know exactly where your money is coming from and where it is going. I love empowering business owners to understand the numbers on the business financials,

I provide financial serenity - giving literal peace of mind and time back in your day by calming the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. I can show you where your business is excelling, and provide guidance on how to move the needle towards increased profitability.

Understand where the numbers come from - what accounts are included in each and why

Understanding the numbers is key to being able to spot areas where more is being spent than earned, then doing something about it


feel confident at tax time,

Know that all records are accessible, complete, and accurate

Know that all tax payments have been/will be made on time AND are part of planned expenditures


and maximize freedom to focus on work/life balance.

You don’t spend time in angst wondering whether or not there is enough to make ends meet

You don’t fear tax time

You don’t dread talking to your accountant

If you don’t want to manage your books yourself, you don’t have to!

 Together, we will work to achieve the goal you had in mind when you started your business.

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

Most of us have never had any financial education - we all tend to learn through trial and error.  Consequently, most Americans, regardless of income, have more expenses than income.  It is one of life's paradoxes, and it isn't our fault.  We are bombarded by seductive ads enticing us to spend, spend, spend. Even more insidious is the social media posts we see from our circle of friends and acquaintances, and we compare our money situation to what we perceive about theirs.  Unexpected expenses happen and we have to juggle our funds to make it all work. 

Do you feel in control of your money... or does your money control you?   

We all know logically not to eat a whole bag of chips or carton of ice cream but how many times have people been on a diet, done well for a month or two, then fell off the bandwagon with a binge and then never were able to get back on board.  The exact same thing happens with our money, time after time.  This happens to smart, savvy people who know better but can't seem to break the cycle.  


I offer a 90-day program that puts you in charge of your money without feeling deprived of life's little pleasures.  You set your goals, and I function as a guide to help you achieve those goals. Think of it like a map - you want to visit Arizona, but your route will be very different if you are starting from Idaho than if you are starting from New Hampshire. In the end, you should arrive in Arizona but your path will not the same as anyone else.


This program works for individuals, couples, families, and businesses. 

About Me

About me

As a business owner myself, I know how overwhelming it is

to find time for all the tasks that fight for priority. You are

the expert in your business, and need to do those tasks that

play to your expertise. I know how hard you work and can

use my accounting skills to take care of the financial side of your business, offering you time to use for those priorities that require your specific skill set.  


I named my business Balanced Vintage because the life of a business owner should be like a fine wine – balanced with enough different components to be interesting. A wine with too much or too little acidity is not worth drinking. (And yes, I have been known to pour wine out rather than drink it!) Similarly, your time should have enough flexibility to give you the freedom to run your business well and enjoy life too!

I have always served others – first as an elementary school teacher, then in the wine industry, and now as a bookkeeping professional. I am a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and as such, take my role of partnering with you very seriously as together we work to make your business as financially sound as possible!

When I’m not working, I enjoy visiting wineries, working out, and playing Words With Friends.



Struggle with Cash Flow?

Want it All? Yes, you CAN!

  Why discounting is not in your best interests

What Others Say

Monitoring costs of providing service

Spending wisely to fund growth

Using true costs to make decisions

"You do EVERYTHING that we were told a good Bookkeeper does." 

Valerie - Nailed It DIY - Greensboro, NC

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Lou Anne is wonderful and super knowledgeable!"

Stephanie Rivers - Greensboro Chamber of Commerce

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Seriously, these waters would be so challenging to navigate without your knowledge and support.

Thank you a million times thank you! - Gina, Vivid Interiors, Greensboro NC

Balanced Vintage makes sure that our books look good, and that if we're spending money that we're only spending money that we should be spending or that we have the money to spend.  Having a bookkeeper critical because I hate doing the books! – Jay, JVI Mobile Marketing

Lou Anne has been an excellent and knowledgeable resource for me as I grow my practice. She brings a refreshing approach to financial management that I hadn't received before, and is a true partner to my business.- Ryan, Luft Tumlin PLLC

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