• Balanced Vintage Bookkeeping

  • You started your business with the idea that working for yourself would give you a better work/life balance, and enable you to achieve the freedom to enjoy the finer things in life. How’s that going for you?

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  • Accurate and timely bookkeeping empowers you to know the exact financial health of your business. I am more than a bookkeeper, though. I am a bookkeeping professional, which means that I work WITH you rather than FOR you. Together, you and I work towards what is important to you  - whether that be freedom from the drudge work of keeping the books up-to-date, understanding what the financial statements reveal about the health of your business, or having peace of mind that you are in compliance with all local, state, and federal tax laws.  

    My mission is to help you grow your business through clear communication so that you always know exactly where your money is coming from and where it is going. I love empowering business owners to 

    understand the numbers on the business financials,
    Understand where the numbers come from - what accounts are included in each and why
    Understanding the numbers is key to being able to spot areas where more is being spent than earned, then doing something about it
    feel confident at tax time,
    Know that all records are accessible, complete, and accurate
    Know that all tax payments have been/will be made on time AND are part of planned expenditures
    and maximize freedom to focus on work/life balance.
    You don’t spend time in angst wondering whether or not there is enough to make ends meet
    You don’t fear tax time
    You don’t dread talking to your accountant
    If you don’t want to manage your books yourself, you don’t have to!
    Together, we will work to achieve the overriding goal you had in mind when you started your business.

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